About Us

Unforgettable lifetime experiences for both special needs individuals and their families.

Ben's Buddies Social Group, located in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire, is a fun and fulfilling outing group for individuals with special needs. Ben's Buddies Social Group  offers exciting, engaging,  and learning opportunities for individuals with special needs and their families.  We facilitate the establishment of social connections, vocational introductions, and independent living skills for all ages and abilities.  We promote a supportive and accepting environment.  Ben's Buddies Social Group creates unforgettable lifetime experiences for both the special needs individual and their families. We provide a variety of outings and activities, with top of the line facilities and a qualified staff committed to the enjoyment,  safety, and learning of all our members. Our hope is to provide life long passions by providing a wide variety of activities and meeting places. Come enjoy one or all of our events. We provide these opportunities Free of Charge, but hope that families and individuals will take part in fundraising through out the year.

Ben's Buddies Social Group


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